A short story of madness that invites us to reflect on those situations in which we obsess in pursuit of a goal and often slightly lose our mind.

Binary Lattice is about these obsessive situations taken to the extreme.

Reading time: ~ 3 minutes.

Binary Lattice

It was not yet noon and the fire alarm had sounded four times that morning. There seemed to be no limit to the rise in temperature.

With a gesture of disgust on his face, Hernán put on his headphones to attenuate the siren’s unbearable cry and closed his eyes for a moment. He had to deliver a very important code fragment that he had been working on for the last few weeks and still couldn’t make it work, time was running out.

He decided to clear his mind, went to the fridge and had a beer. The heat was so intense that the drink was a little warm, yet it gave him some comfort. After five minutes, in a better mood, he resumed his task. The temperature continued to rise, he knew it from the sweat on his forehead, which he cleaned more and more frequently. He felt a little sleepy from the alcohol, but his work was advancing, he had finally hit the nail on its head and each time it seemed to be less and less to finish.

He was sure he would succeed because he had experienced that feeling before. It was as if all his surroundings were fading away and only he was left with his computer, frantically dialoguing.

He loved that feeling, he could spend hours like this and barely noticed. His fingers went up and down again and again in an infernal dance, they almost seemed to play an abstract symphony that codified his mind and heart together producing dozens of lines of code per minute.

When the last function was written only the final test was missing, he had been writing for hours without doing a performance test. The worst fears were present. The simulation began to run, tested every function, examined every corner of the program and as he discovered that everything was functional, his heart filled with adrenaline.

When he tested the code from beginning to end and realized that it worked perfectly, unable to contain it any longer, he let out an ominous laughter that rumbled in the room and resounded in the corridors of the building. Without stopping his rampant laughter, he compressed the file and prepared to send it by e-mail.

Soon he’d be free. Free from the stifling heat that made him delirious, he could finally leave his damn room.


Suddenly everything was calm, his mind was at peace. He celebrated the moment with his eyes closed for a few minutes and then opened them slowly.

He looked around and everything was very bright, beautiful colors were seen and Hernán felt as if he was floating in a cloud. With that feeling of deep inner peace he drew a smile and closed his eyes again, as the fire climbed up his chair and gently caressed him.