“Danielle’s Love” is a dark tale about an art-loving girl who meets an interesting person and enters into a relationship.

Reading Time: ~ 4 minutes

Danielle’s Love


Danielle was a young woman who enjoyed photography a lot, she was in an exhibition, observing the works of different artists when something different caught her attention.
A slim girl, of short stature, contemplating a photograph. She looked strangely adorable and Danielle, without missing an opportunity to meet someone new, approached timidly to engage in conversation.
To her surprise, she broke the ice.

-I love this artist, I follow his work practically since it started. -said the girl.

Danielle looked at the painting, there was a female figure with her face covered, made up and tied to a chair, giving the appearance of being dead, the whole scene itself seemed very dark.

-It’s a little intense for me. -Danielle replied.

-It can be shocking, but it has a certain realism, in a certain way you can perceive the love that the model gave it, I would say that the position it has is what makes it special. I’m Valery by the way,” she said, staring at Danielle and extending her hand to greet her.

-Danielle. -She replied by returning the greeting.

Before they knew it they were chatting happily, exchanging opinions and laughing.


The exhibition ended sooner than Danielle would have liked, but they decided to go to a bar to have a few drinks and keep talking.
The girl revealed to her that she had her own photo gallery, but she wasn’t ready to exhibit it, she did not feel confident enough.

I’d really like to see it someday. She couldn’t hide it from her, the girl intrigued Danielle very much, they had a lot in common.

The night passed too quickly, Valery asked for the bill, took out a small notebook, to write down her address and telephone number, put it in one of Danielle’s pockets and before she could react kissed her on the lips.
Danielle felt a warm sensation down there that lasted only an instant, because when she understood what was happening she blushed and separated from her. The girl just smiled.

-Call me some day and we’ll have dinner in my apartment.

Danielle couldn’t erase that situation from her mind, she didn’t like girls that way and felt she had to clarify the situation, although sometimes she found herself letting her imagination flow.
Several days went by from the night at the bar until Danielle decided to call Valery.


When she entered her apartment, the girl received her with a smile and invited her to come in, she already had dinner prepared.
When they had finished eating, the girl invited her for a glass of wine and Danielle gathered courage and told her that she was worried about what had happened that night in the bar, she told her that at the moment she wasn’t interested in a relationship.
Valery left her glass on the table, said she understood and apologized. She asked to take some photos for her personal gallery and Danielle accepted with great pleasure.
The girl led her to Valery’s photographic set which consisted of a small room with a large cloth hanging from the ceiling and a chair.
She asked her to sit down, caressed her neck and covered her face with a silk cloth, pleasant to the touch, Danielle could see through her, for some reason she found the scene pleasant and remembered the first meeting with the girl.
Valery kissed her and Danielle felt strange again.
That sensation was all over her body, but she didn’t mind experiencing it once more, it would surely be her last.
She let herself get carried away until the feeling finally disappeared, along with all the other feelings.